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How Often Do I Need a Physical Exam? | Encino CA

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A common question patients ask Dr. Zarian is “How often do I need a physical exam?”  It’s a great question that implies the patient is considering their health options and how to best maintain a healthy lifestyle in Encino, CA.  As with any physical exam, recommendations vary based on each patient’s current health.

Generally Healthy Patients

Patients who are usually healthy should have a physical exam every one to two years depending on their age.  For those over 65, it is essential to have an annual exam to promote optimal health.  Patients who smoke or have other risk factors may need physical exam more often to best monitor their health for abnormalities.  No matter your age or wellness in Encino, CA, routine physical exams are a vital part of healthy living to prevent and detect chronic illness.

Patients with Chronic Illness

If a patient has a chronic illness, our doctor in Encino, CA may recommend a personalized physical exam schedule to monitor any health changes.  Custom physical exam schedules are beneficial for the patient and doctor to keep an accurate record of the patient’s health while treating the illness.

Even if a patient is in prime health, it is vital to have a regular physical exam.  The benefits of a physical exam allow patients in Encino, CA to live their life with less worry and stress because there is no question about their current health condition.

Is it time for your physical exam?  If so, you can request an appointment by calling our office in Encino, CA at (818)-986-7399.  We look forward to helping you better understand your health today!

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