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Preparing for your Immigration Medical Exam


During your application for an immigrant visa, nonimmigrant visa, or adjustment of status, you will be required to get a medical examination from a designated “civil surgeon” to ensure that any health conditions that you may have are attended to promptly before immigration.


For the exam, you need to find a civil surgeon and practice that has been certified by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). The immigration exam usually takes 10-14 days from your first appointment for all components to be completed.


The typical tests include:


  • A standard physical exam
  • Blood tests to assess your immunity for specific disease
  • Vaccinations – if need be
  • A tuberculin test (TST)
  • Blood test for syphilis
  • Urine test for gonorrhea


In some cases, you may need to visit your civil surgeon for subsequent tests before the final results are out. For instance, the results for the tuberculosis (TST) test usually take 2-3 days. But if you test positive, you will have to schedule for a CXR (chest x-ray).


Getting ready for the medical exam

When going for your exam, you will be required to provide:


  • A government-issued photo ID or valid passport
  • Form I-693, Vaccination Record, and Report of Medical Examination
  • Your vaccination record
  • A list of your regular medications
  • A written certificate indicating medications/results for the treatment of TB (tuberculosis), gonorrhea, or syphilis – if it applies to you
  • A written certificate listing the diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis for the treatment of mental illness or drug/alcohol abuse – if it applies to you
  • Some money –  civil surgeons are not allowed to submit claims to any health insurance providers for immigration exams and related services


After completing your medical exam, and administering the necessary vaccinations, we will then complete Form I-693 and put it in a sealed envelope that you will submit to the USCIS along with your green card application. We will also give you a copy of the results for your personal records.


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