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Dr. David Zarian is a top rated diabetes doctor who practices in Encino, CA. Learn more about how Dr. Zarian can help you with your diabetes control efforts.

Learning how to control diabetes is the aim of all people with diabetes. Whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, having the right diabetes management program is the key to putting diabetes under control and enhancing the quality of your life.

Dr. Zarian is committed to helping you with the right way to control the variables that affect the blood sugar levels so as to keep your blood sugar level as normal as possible.

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“He is a compassionate caring physician who loves his job. He was my mother family physician for years and took a great care and now he is our family physician. I recommend him very highly.”
– Farah Kamkar

Who is at risk of diabetes?

Diabetes occurs more in Hispanic (Latino) Americans, Asian-Americans, African-Americans and Native Americans. Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many symptoms of diabetes seem to be harmless. The signs and symptoms of diabetes are nausea, drowsiness, irritability, poor wound healing, frequent urination, blurred vision, and extreme thirst and hunger.

If you experience these symptoms and you have a history of diabetes, or have an inactive life, or have seen significant weight gain, you should contact your Encino diabetes specialist as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment not only helps to reduce the risks of severe diabetes associated complications, it also helps in diabetes control and management.


How to control diabetes

Below is Dr. Zarian’s expert advice on how to put your diabetes under control:

  • Blood sugar testing
    You and Dr. Zarian Encino diabetes doctor will set a schedule to test your blood sugar. In addition, you’ll have to do regular spot checks to determine how things are going. Your Encino diabetes specialist will ask you to take blood glucose tests before and after meals to measure how different meals affects your sugar levels. This information can then help you to adjust your eating and exercise as a way of managing your diabetes.

  • Carbohydrate intake
    You need to keep track of your carbohydrate (carbs) consumption as they can dramatically increase your blood sugar levels. Meals containing high-fiber carbs such nuts can help slow digestion so you feel full without raising the blood sugar level. Fiber intake is one of the one effective blood-sugar control measures. It is a Roto-Rooter which eliminates cholesterol building in blood vessels. Foods that are good sources of fiber are sweet potatoes, dried beans, pumpkins and whole wheat bread. Dr. Zarian Encino diabetes doctor will provide you with the right type of nutrition to help you manage your diabetes.

  • Regular exercise
    Exercising regularly is critical to putting your blood sugar levels under control. Dr. Zarian will give you an excellent exercise plan to follow to help you manage your diabetes effectively.

  • Blood sugar level records
    Your Encino diabetes doctor will watch your blood pressure and cholesterol level while you keep track of your blood glucose readings. It is highly recommended that you take records of your blood sugar levels so you can build a history of your results and draw conclusions from the results.

  • Endocrinologist Encino, CA- Best Diabetes Specialist in Encino
    Controlling your diabetes will require lots of dedication. Sometimes you may suffer setbacks but take them as lessons to learn. With the help of the best diabetes specialist in Encino, Dr. David Zarian, you will soon beat diabetes and live a quality life.

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