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IV therapy, short for intravenous therapy, is a medical treatment that delivers fluids, medications, nutrients, or other substances directly into a person's bloodstream through a vein. This method allows for rapid absorption and distribution of substances throughout the body, bypassing the digestive system.

IV therapy is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings for various purposes, including:

1. Hydration:

Administering fluids to treat dehydration caused by illness, excessive sweating, or inadequate fluid intake.

2. Medication delivery

Administering medications such as antibiotics, pain relievers, chemotherapy drugs, and antiemetics (anti-nausea medications) directly into the bloodstream.

3. Nutritional support

Providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream for patients who are unable to consume food orally or have malabsorption issues.

4. Blood transfusions:

Delivering blood products such as red blood cells, platelets, or plasma to replenish blood volume or correct deficiencies.

5. Correcting electrolyte imbalances:

Delivering electrolyte solutions to restore proper balance of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in the body.

6. Intravenous contrast administration:

Injecting contrast agents into the bloodstream for medical imaging procedures such as CT scans, MRI scans, or angiography to enhance visualization of internal structures.

IV therapy is typically administered by trained medical professionals, such as nurses or physicians, who ensure proper placement of the intravenous catheter and monitor the patient for any adverse reactions or complications.

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