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The Benefits of an Annual Physical Exam in Encino CA


The benefits of an annual physical exam are essential to a patient’s overall health in Encino, CA.  Many choose only to visit the doctor when an issue arises, or they feel ill, but this approach only remedies presenting issues and does not give a clear picture of their overall health.  By scheduling an annual exam, patients can prioritize their health for a fuller life.

Greater Knowledge

Patients who visit their doctor annually have a better understanding of their overall health.  In turn, their doctor can learn more about the patient and keep records updated for future use.  The information gathered at an annual physical helps our Encino, CA physician prevent and detect any abnormalities.

Monitor Chronic Disease

For patients in Encino, CA with a chronic disease, annual exams are beneficial to monitor current health and reduce the number of hospitalizations.  Our doctor desires to help patients with chronic illness live well while monitoring their condition.

Better Relationship

Annually visiting the doctor strengthens the relationship between the patient and doctor in Encino, CA.  The more patients visit their doctor for routine physicals the more comfortable they feel and can better share information for optimal health.

The most significant benefit of annual physical exams is the understanding patients and doctors gain from the routine visit.  Doctors can help prevent and detect illness and patients better understand what healthy looks like for them.  If you are due for an annual exam, you can request an appointment with our office in Encino, CA at (818)-986-7399.

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