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How to prepare for a typical internal medicine appointment

Irrespective of why exactly you want to see an internist, you need to have a rough idea of what the appointment entails so that you can prepare for it. These preparation tips will help you make the most of your upcoming appointment with your internist:

Tip #1 – Prepare a list of questions you would like the doctor to answer. This will make the appointment quick and easy as you will have all your important question in one place and in the right order.

Tip #2 – Have a copy of the list of all the medications you’re taking or have been taking recently. This is in fact a requisite in most internal medicine centers. Your internist has to know about your current medications before prescribing any other treatment to you.

Tip #4 – Find a family member you will want to accompany you to the appointment. Make sure they are someone with a good knowledge of your family history and someone you will be willing to answer private questions around.

Tip #5 – Know about your internist’s method of payment beforehand.

What to expect during the appointment

Before any tests or treatment, your doctor will listen to your expectations and objectives and answer your questions if any.

You will be asked about your family health history, previous conditions and the severity of their symptoms, your diet, health habits and so forth. Your internist will then perform tests on you based on your initial complaint and a rough assessment derived from your answers.

A diagnosis may be made during these tests.

Find an internist in Tarzana

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