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How to prepare for an immigration medical exam?

medical immigration exam

A medical exam is one of the basics in the application for a USA permanent residency visa. Medical exams are carried out to ensure applicants are safe and do not pose a health risk to citizens of the US.

How to prepare for an immigration medical exam?

Firstly, you should note that all immigration exams are performed by doctors designated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is an incomprehensive exam that typically doesn’t cover beyond what is required by the immigration authorities. Have the following documents on the ready before going for this exam:


  • A passport-style photo
  • Form I-693
  • Payment as indicated in the instruction packet or as required by your doctor’s office
  • Proof of vaccinations or immunizations


  • Copies of medical records as proof a chronic disease is under control or is being treated

What an immigration medical exam tests for

Medical conditions uncovered by an immigration medical exam are classified as either Class A or Class B. Class A conditions, which can render you inadmissible to the USA, include smallpox, polio, yellow fever, plague, diphtheria, influenza, viral hemorrhagic fevers, severe acute respiratory syndromes, cholera, gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis and leprosy.

HIV was until 2010 a Class A condition but it is now categorized as class B. Waivers are sometimes issued for Class B conditions. You may also be given a visa if your class A condition has been cured.

During the medical exam

The doctor will examine your eyes, ears, skin, nose, heart, lungs, neck and throat, lymph nodes, abdomen and external genitalia. You will be required to be open and honest in everything your doctor asks to avoid compromising your visa in the future. Do not feel obligated to provide more information than is required.

Immigration medical exam in Tarzana

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