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Sometimes, finding a reliable physician in Encino CA is as simple as choosing the closest location of a practice or brand that you find trustworthy. But most times, you need to do your own research to determine whether that primary care provider is the right fit for your family.

Internist or family medicine doctor?

When choosing a primary care physician, or PCP, you usually have two choices: an internal medicine doctor or a family medicine doctor.

Both internists and family medicine doctors focus on the total health of their patients and work to promote wellness and disease prevention. Internists’ training, however, primarily focuses on general medical conditions common to adults, and many receive sub-specialty training in other areas such as sleep medicine, neurology, dermatology, or geriatrics.

Here are some reasons to choose Dr. David Zarian as your internist in Encino, CA:

Convenient office location in Encino

Regular visits are key to optimal health. Finding a physician who’s close to your home or workplace makes it easier and more convenient to schedule appointments, keep them, and arrive on time.

Regular office hours

In addition to choosing an internist near you, the facility must also be open on the days and hours when you and your loved ones are available, without necessarily adjusting your daily schedule too much to make appointments.

Comfortable office

It is important that you choose a warm and friendly office. The space needs to be clean and modern, and the staff friendly and responsive to ensure a streamlined appointment process.

Focus on open communication

An internist you are comfortable with is invaluable. One whom you’re not afraid to share your medical history with as this is very important for proper diagnosis and successful treatment. The internist should listen to you and try to accommodate your concerns and needs when diagnosing problems and recommending interventions.

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