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An Electrocardiogram, EKG, or ECG is a device used to diagnose heart activity by detecting and recording the electrical activity of the heart (cardiac) muscle. Your Encino cardiologist, Dr. David Zarian may recommend an EKG exam in Encino, which includes a range of diagnostic tests for various medical conditions, in order to identify potentially fatal dysrhythmias and obtain real-time feedback regarding the electrical activity of the myocardium.

Who needs heart monitoring?

Cardiac monitoring or observation of your heart may help determine the health of your heart and discover heart conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms) by monitoring the activity of your heart.


There are different kinds of ECG monitoring, including:

1. Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

Multiple electrodes are placed on the chest with wires connected to a recording device. The ECG then manually records the electrical activity of the patient’s heart for about 20 minutes. You can continue with normal activities during the process.

Your doctor can then assess the rate and rhythm of your heart for that period to help diagnose different medical conditions and realize the effectiveness of a treatment.

2. 24 Hour ECG Holter Monitoring

This involves the continuous recording of a patient’s heart electrical activity if they are suspected of having an abnormal heartbeat. This test can help your Encino cardiologist determine the appropriate treatment.


Once the electrodes are attached to your chest, and the wires connected to a lightweight recorder, you can go on with your usual activities, but cannot take a bath whilst wearing the recorder. You will also be asked to record any symptoms that arise during the 24-hour recording period.

EKG heart monitoring can prove to be beneficial to:

  • Recently unconscious patients
  • All unconscious or collapse patients
  • Poisoned patients
  • Shocked or poorly perfused patients
  • Patients suffering from chest pain or dyspnoea
  • Patients with abnormal vital signs or hypoxia
  • Patients suffering a cardiac arrest

Preparing for your EKG Exam in Encino

There is no special procedure or preparations prior to an EKG Exam in Encino. You can maintain your regular diet or take your medications as usual. You don’t even have to wear any special clothing or change into a gown.

That said, the procedure requires your physician to place some adhesive patches on your arms, chest, and legs. If they do not adhere well, the skin surface may have to be cleaned with some alcohol, and/or small areas shaved.

The adhesive discs are connected to leads or wires that transmit an electrical impulse to the recording device, which then displays the results on the monitor display and on printed ECG paper. You do not experience any pain, pressure, or discomfort. Your physician will interpret the EKG and notify you of the results.

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