annual physical exam in encino

An annual physical exam is a series of routine tests performed on you by your primary care provider to check and determine the general state of your health.

It consists of common tests such as:

  • stool exam
  • blood tests
  • urinalysis,
  • physical appearance checkup
  • imaging tests
  • and examination of vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure.

It may also include checkups on your mental and reproductive health as doctors can generally adjust the components of your examination depending on such factors as age, health history and patient requests.

How does the procedure work?

An annual physical exam is usually treated as an outpatient procedure whose duration varies depending on the number of individual tests you have to undergo.

The doctor, during the consultation, reviews the previous year’s report or, if this is your first time, a copy of your medical history followed by an interview to determine whether you have had any recent problem or symptoms that may prompt the need for a new overview of your health.

The therapist then proceeds with the tests. As mentioned earlier, extra tests such as ultrasound and x-rays may be recommended depending on age or previous annual physical results.

Treatments may also be recommended but this would typically come after the session’s results are out.

Who needs an annual physical examination?

Annual physical examination is not only a way of determining the overall status of your health but also a way of detecting any future health concerns before they become actual problems.

Dr. David Zarian has always believed that there is no surer way of keeping silent killers and chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes at bay than undergoing a physical exam once every year.

Here are some of the conditions that should qualify you as a candidate for an annual physical exam with the best Encino physical therapist:

If you are past 50

Aging is a natural process that comes with a great deal of bodily changes. Some of these changes happen down at the cellular level and may call for close supervision to monitor and curb the irreversible damage they are capable of causing.

The heart, liver and other vital organs such as the kidneys are not exempt from this process either, and this may make them less efficient with time.

If you’re at risk of a disease

Being rendered susceptible to a disease doesn’t necessarily mean the disease is bound to develop. However, the mere fact that the condition is likelier to develop in you than is common should prompt greater care and watchfulness from you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you’re undergoing treatment

An annual physical by the best therapist in Encino can help determine whether a treatment is working or not. If need be, Dr. David Zarian will recommend alternative medication, whose effectiveness will be assessed a year later at most.

If you want to build a good relationship with your therapist

A close relationship with your doctor not only makes you more confident discussing personal health information with them but also makes them familiar with your medical history hence easy for them to detect small changes that could be potential future concerns.


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