Family Doctor in Encino, CA

Ensuring the health of your children should never feel like a burden. But it can be quite a hassle when you have to juggle different appointments for each family member - children, teenagers, spouse, elderly parent - driving all over town to different health care centers. By choosing Dr. David Zarian in Encino, CA, you only need to visit one primary care center and build rapport with one team that takes care of your entire family’s health needs.

Finding the right family doctor in Encino Your family has the option to choose a general internist, family doctor, pediatrician, or medicine pediatrics doctor to be their primary care doctor. Primary care is every patient’s entry point into the healthcare system. Your family doctor is the go-to medical professional for ongoing, personalized care, so it’s important that you take the time to find the best physician for your loved ones.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that family doctors can only handle simple medical concerns, like vaccinations, ear, nose and throat infections, school annual physicals, and the likes. Fortunately, these are just some of the common benefits of having a family doctor who knows your entire family’s health needs. More importantly, you can leverage your long-standing relationship to consult on 80-90% of all your health concerns.

Why Choose Dr. Zarian? Family doctors do not specialize in any particular medical field. Instead, they have a vast amount of medical knowledge that allows them to care for patients with hundreds of different problems. As a board certified family physician, Dr. Zarian is not only trained to provide comprehensive medical care for all the members of your family, regardless of age, gender, or nature of the illness, but also committed to continuing education to constantly provide your family with the newest, most effective, and cost-efficient treatments possible.

With the personal relationships that Dr. Zarian develops with families, he’s is able to focus on treating and improving the general health and wellbeing of your entire family, as opposed to just fighting the diseases and other problems as they arise. By providing compassionate and personalized care and leveraging the latest technological advances and new treatment approaches, Dr. Zarian can consistently provide all people, from expectant mothers and infants to kids and teens to adults and seniors, with the highest quality of care. Call our office today to book your appointment.