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Allergy Doctor and Specialist in Encino, CA

dr david zarian, allergy specialist

Dr. David Zarian is an Encino allergy doctor offering patients total relief from allergies through effective allergy testing and treatment.

Dr. Zarian specializes in allergy testing, diagnosis and treatment of both pediatric and adult allergies. He is a dedicated allergist whose focus is providing personalized care by carefully listening to and discussing symptoms with clients to put you at ease. Dr. Zarian makes sure his patients are comfortable throughout the allergy testing and treatment process so that that you can get top-quality allergy testing in Encino.

Why is allergy testing important?

Allergic reactions are caused by a number of substances or allergens. Common triggers of allergy include pollen, foods or drinks, pets, insects and environmental allergens. It is important to ensure you go early identification of food allergens so as to reduce the risk of allergen-induced complications. Allergy testing can help monitor diagnosed allergy especially for babies and children suffering from certain food allergies. An allergy test will help you know your child no longer have an allergy to milk or eggs, so that they do not have to avoid that food anymore.

“Dr. Zarian and my nurse were both awesome and friendly. Thank you for making my visit such a pleasurable experience” – Aimee L., Encino, CA

When you come for your allergy testing sessions, Dr. Zarian may perform one or a combination of the following allergy tests:

Skin prick test

The skin prick test is usually the first test to be performed when looking for an allergen. The allergy specialist applies a small amount of the suspected substance that triggers allergic reactions on your forearm with a dropper, and the prick the skin gently using a sterile lancet to see if there’s a reaction. If a bump or wheal appears around the prick, then there’s a reaction and you’re likely allergic to that allergen. This test is fast, painless and safe, and takes about 15 minutes to reveal results.

Intradermal test

The steps carried out in this test are similar to the skin prick test. However, the allergen is inserted into the skin through injection to see if a reaction occurs.

Blood test

The blood test for allergens is known as a specific IgE test (RAST test). The aim of this test is to determine the number of IgE antibodies in your blood produced by your immune system in response to an introduction of suspected substance that invokes allergic reactions. Blood test for allergens is frequently performed in children suffering from skin conditions or adults who are taking medications that can interfere with skin test results. The results for this allergy test take 1-2 weeks to come out.

Food challenge

Another allergy test performed by Dr. Zarian is the food allergy test for food allergies. In this test, you’re given gradually increasing amount of the suspected food item that causes allergy, to see how you react. It is the most accurate test for food allergy.

Visit Encino allergy doctor

If you suspect you have food allergy or any other form of allergic reactions, you should visit an Encino allergist for proper diagnosis and allergy testing. Dr. Zarian will also give you advice on how to deal with symptoms caused by allergic reactions.

dr david zarian, allergy specialist

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Why Choose Dr. David Zarian?

Dr. David Zarian is a diligent and engaging physician specializing in internal medicine. His focus is to treat each patient in an individual manner, with compassion and the utmost professionalism. Dr. Zarian is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is also fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi which makes him accessible to patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds.