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3D Prenatal Ultrasound Services Encino, CA

3d prenatal ultrasound services

Learn how you can keep track of your baby’s progress in the womb using Dr. David Zarian’s ultrasound services in Encino, CA.

3D Live Prenatal Ultrasound & Your Developing Baby

Dr. David Zarian offers 3D live ultrasound services in Encino so you can capture a detailed picture of your developing baby. You will be able to see your little boy or girl with great detail, so you can fully visualize what he or she will look like in a few weeks. With this level of clarity, patients tend to feel more bonded to their baby, which kicks in the maternal and fraternal instincts.

“Dr. Zarian and my nurse were both awesome and friendly. Thank you for making my visit such a pleasurable experience” – Aimee L., Encino, CA

What is Ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound, also known as diagnostic medical sonography, is a medical imaging test that uses high-frequency waves to produce live images of the fetus developing in the womb or internal structures within your body. An ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive imaging procedure that is used to provide valuable information for keeping track of the baby’s progress or for diagnosing and treating various diseases.

In most cases, ultrasound examinations are performed using a sonar device placed outside your body, although sometimes a device can be placed inside your body.

Why is Ultrasound done?

Doctors conduct medical imaging services for a variety of reasons. Dr. David Zarian performs live 3D and 4D ultrasound examinations to help you capture a detailed image of the baby developing in your womb. In doing this, you will be able to see in detail your little boy or girl, so you can fully visualize what he or she will look like in a few weeks. This clarity also enables you to feel more bonded to your baby while you develop maternal and fraternal instincts.

Apart from pregnancy scans, Dr. David Zarian can conduct an ultrasound to:

  • Evaluate a breast lump
  • Evaluate the flow of blood in vessels
  • Diagnose gallbladder disease
  • Check thyroid glands
  • Guide a needle for biopsy or tumor treatment
  • Reveal prostate and genital disorders
  • Diagnose some cancers

What are the risks of ultrasound?

There are no known risks of diagnostic ultrasound. It uses low-power sound waves, which makes ultrasound examination a safe medical procedure.

The limitation of ultrasound is that it isn’t effective for imaging body tissues that have gas in them or parts of the body hidden by the bones. This is due to the fact that sound travels poorly through air or bones. To examine these areas, Dr. David Zarian will perform other specialty imaging tests such as CT scan, X-rays or MRI scans.

How to prepare for ultrasound

The pregnancy ultrasound process requires no preparation but it is important to ask your doctor for specific instructions for the exam. However, ultrasound for gallbladder may require that you do not eat or drink for up to 6 hours before the exam.

What to expect during ultrasound examination

When you schedule your ultrasound with Dr. David Zarian, you will be asked to come with your closest family member or member to join you in the viewing or you can choose to come alone. During an ultrasound, you many need to remove some of your clothing or jewelry, change into a gown and lie on an examination table. Gel is applied to your skin to prevent air pockets from blocking the sound waves from forming. Dr. Zarian then presses a small hand-held device (transducer) against your skin over your belly, moving as necessary to capture the image. The transducer sends sound waves into the womb, collects the sound waves that reflect back and transmits them to a computer, which recreates the image.

What are the results?

When your ultrasound is complete, a radiologist analyzes the images and sends the report to your doctor, Dr. Zarian, who will then share the results with you.

You should be able to resume normal daily activities immediately after an ultrasound.

ultrasound services in encino

Why Choose Dr. David Zarian for 3D Ultrasound Services?

Dr. David Zarian is a top-rated and trusted physician specializing in 3D Ultrasound Services. When you schedule your 3D live ultrasound with Dr. Zarian, you can come with your spouse, partner, family member, and/or friends to join you on this special occasion. You can enjoy the viewing alone or with those closest to you.

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