Addiction Doctor in Sherman Oaks

The life-changing cycle of addiction is difficult to end but it is doable. Talking to an addiction doctor is a big first step to defeating the problem and beginning a new lifestyle. A professional addiction specialist, with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, can help you understand your problem from an angle you may have not discovered yet and, consequently, make you part of the recovery program.

So, what does an addiction doctor treat?

You may understandably be wondering if an addiction doctor has the capacity to treat your specific kind of addiction. Well, most doctors have specialized in the treatment of common drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions, albeit special treatment plans can be sketched out for special addictions.

Treatment programs may be as little as one month to three months long, though extended care options may be made available.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxes

Detox is both difficult and damaging to your physical and mental health if attempted alone. There are many unforeseeable consequences that abrupt and uncontrolled withdrawal can bring an individual. Some addiction doctors have detox clinics and even partnerships hospitals to help make your transition back to a healthy lifestyle as smooth as possible. Unsurprisingly, medically-supervised detox programs have been shown to be way more successful than do-it-yourself attempts.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is a problem that millions of people in the world are suffering from. Studies show that most of these people are willing to adopt healthier lifestyles even though the idea may look extremely unworkable. Some on the other hand only dread withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, high blood pressure and, in severe cases, delirium tremens (DTs).

Drug addiction

Depending on such factors as substance abuse history, age, gender and medical issues, detox may be made a first step in your treatment program. An addiction doctor will assess your case and come up with a treatment plan drafted to suit your specific needs.

Detoxes are usually the recommended way of tackling the addiction for individuals who have become physically dependent on drugs. Physical dependence occurs when your nervous system has become tolerant to a drug. You're likely to be affected if you have been using the drug for too long or if you started it at an early stage. Physical dependence is also believed to increase the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

All this just shows that withdrawal is not something you should take lightly. It can be life-threatening at worst, and hence requires the guidance of an addiction doctor for proper evaluation of your problem before any treatment can begin.

Questions to ask your addiction doctor

  • How can I overcome my addiction problem?
  • What withdrawal symptoms am I likely to experience?
  • Will I finally regain my health?
  • Will I receive outpatient or inpatient treatment?
  • What are the treatment alternatives available to me?
  • What can I do or avoid doing to speed up the recovery process?

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