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What Happens during an Annual Physical Exam?

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An annual physical exam comprises of a series of routine tests that your doctor performs on you to determine your general state of health.

It includes common tests such as urinalysis, blood pressure and imaging tests, and more sophisticated ones such as mental and reproductive health tests. Factors such as age and medical history will determine what other tests you will receive besides the basic ones.

How does the procedure work?

The duration of the procedure is usually determined by the number of tests the doctor has to perform on you. The doctor first reviews your report of the previous year’s report or a copy of your medical history if this is the first time you are undergoing an annual physical. A brief interview is then held followed by the tests.

Who is a candidate for an annual physical?

Dr. David Zarian has always believed that there is not a surer way of detecting and keeping at bay conditions such as heart disease and diabetes than undergoing a physical exam once every year. The following conditions qualify you for the procedure:

You’re 50 years old or more – As you age, so do vital organs in your body such as the heart and the kidneys. You may want to know how they are faring over time to avoid health scares.

You’re at risk of disease – If you have been rendered susceptible to a certain condition by your doctor, it is only wise that you work to catch signs of the disease developing as early as possible. Annual physicals can help with conditions that take long to develop.

You’re undergoing treatment – An annual physical can help determine whether a treatment is working and if you need alternative medication.

You want to build a good relationship with your doctor – Seeing the same doctor occasionally can help improve your confidence around them and make it easier for you to discuss with them your health.

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